Good behavior must go hand in hand with Ifa practice and must be the priority of all babalawo

Awo Ifabiyii Akoda

Meet the babalawo Ifabiyii Akoda

The awo Ifabiyii Akoda (Ifábíyìí Akódà) is a babalawo started more than 18 years ago and a pioneer in the traditional practice of religion in Latin America and South Florida. He took his first steps in religion when he was just 14 years old and shortly afterwards he began his studies in the traditional Ifá with Babalawo teachers from Òyó, Nigeria, and later started with the Babalawo Frank Cabrera Suárez.

For Ifabiyii Akoda the basis of traditional Ifá practice is study and knowledge. Guided by this principle, in the last decade, he has dedicated himself to spreading traditional Yoruba culture throughout the world through new technologies, founding in 2005 the portal, now, the first page of traditional Ifá in the world. He is also the creator and developer of the Ifá Tradicional, Ifá Tradicional Pro and Ojú Odù mobile and tablet applications, with more than 50,000 downloads worldwide since its first edition, of which more than 6,000 have been registered in Nigeria, which evidences the impact of the application even on Yoruba lands. Traditional Ifa applications are used as practical manuals in the daily life of the babalawo and the uninitiated.

Regarding his work in the dissemination of traditional Yoruba culture, Ifabiyii Akoda states: “It is an honor to participate in this project and use technology to get information about Traditional Ifa, facilitating the study of all followers of the Yoruba religion in the world” .

Babalawo Ifabiyii Akoda

Pioneer in the practice of Ifá Traditional

Ifabiyii Akoda is one of the pioneers in the practice of Traditional Ifa in Latin America and the United States.