Ogbe Otura, signo revelado en la letra del año 2020

Odù Ogbe Otura


Ògbógbòó Babaláwo níí f’owó te ojú opón Ifá
Ògbógbòó Onísègùn níí f’owó ti Òsányìn láyà
Ògbógbòó Olóòòsa níí mi àjìjà síhìn-ín
Níí mi Àjìjà sóhùn-ún
diá fún Òrúnmìlà
Baba n lo rèé rídìí Ayé
won ní ko sákáale, ebo ní síse
ó gbé’bo, ó rúbo
kò pé, kò jìnnà
E wá bá ni ní jèbútú Ire gbogbo


A versatile Babaláwo is he who makes impressions on Ifá tray
A versatile botanist is he who consults Òsányìn pressing his chest with his hands
A versatile worshiper of Obàtálá is he who makes the Àjìjà Gong swing in the air in this way
And it makes it swing in the air that way (during the performance of the ritual)
They were the only ones who make Ifá divination for the Òrúnmìlà
When planning to know the secret of the world
They asked him to offer sacrifice
He fulfilled
As soon as possible, not too far
Get together in the middle of abundant IRE

Oke Itase 2020 festival

As every year, at Ilé Awo we have the pleasure of presenting the first sign of the Oke Itase 2020, the world divination of Ifá with which the Yoruba new year begins celebrated today at Ilé Ife.

This year, the World Ifa Festival in which divination is performed was different due to the restrictions of the coronavirus, which prevented the mass pilgrimages of believers from all over Nigeria and the world to participate in the Oke Itase 2020 ceremonies. at the Covid-19 crisis, the Council of Arabas and Oluwo renewed the priests of Ifá and Iyanifá who traditionally participate in the ceremonies, although all divination and previous and subsequent ceremonies were led by the Araba Agbaye Olu Isese.

In the Oke Itase 2020 the sign revealed is Ogbè Òtúrá, in Ayogun Iku, which means evil for death or tragedy. Ifá says that we are going to get the solution that everyone is looking for our problems. You have to make sacrifices and be grateful.

To learn more about what Ifá says in the Ogbè Òtúrá sign, we invite you to download our applications Ifá Tradicional, Ifá Tradicional Pro, Ojú Odù and Apola Ogbè where you will find detailed information about the sign and akose to get all the luck for this year starting today.

It is important to remember that all Ifá followers in the world who practice traditional religion should perform the ebo and ceremonies marked by the sign, as well as take into account the warnings of the Odù throughout the year. If you wish to obtain more detailed information on the ceremonies to be performed recommended at the Oke Itase 2020. Do not hesitate to contact us.