Odu Ifa Irosun Osa

Odù Irosun Osa


Akope eluju nii gbohun Olorun
Dia fun Olaboni
Omo Olorun figba bowa mole
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gb’ebo, o ru’bo
Oojo ti o sigba obi
Ni igba ire si


The palm tree tapper of the wilderness
Is the person who hears the voice of heaven
Ifa’s message for Olabomi
He who heavenly beings had covered his character
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied
The day will open the calabash of Obi, Kolanut
That was the day that the calabash of ire of life was opened

Oke Itase Festival Celebration 2023

The most important day for Traditional Ifá practitioners has arrived: the celebration of Oke Itase 2023. One more year, at Ilé Awo we are pleased to present for the first time the sign of Oke Itase 2023, the world Ifá divination with which it begins the Yoruba New Year celebrated early today in Ilé Ife.

Thousands of people were this Saturday at the Oke Itase temple and propitiated Ope (the sacred palm tree) with Obi, in the same way as the Ooni of Ile Ife did during the early morning. This propitiation is one of the most important ceremonies that is performed before doing the Idafa that reveals the sign that will govern the next twelve months. After the pilgrimage that carries Ifá to the temple of Ile Ife headed by the Araba, the propitiation to Ifá with Obi and other Ifá materials took place, to then proceed to world divination starting at midnight

In Oke Itase 2023 the Odù revealed is Irosun Osa. Ifá predicts that we will defeat death. Ifá speaks that luck is passing in front of the door of the house, without being able to enter and that is why he advises doing the recommended ebo so that the doors of our house open to all luck. Ifá also talks about a powerful enemy that hinders luck, but propitiating Orunmila will be able to defeat him and advance in life.

To learn more about what Ifá says in the Odù Irosun Osa, we invite you to download our applications Ifá Tradicional,  Ifá Tradicional Pro, Ojú Odù , Apola OgbeApola OyekuApola Iwori y Apola Odi y Apola Irosun where you will find detailed information about the sign to get all the luck for this year that starts today.

It is important to remember that all the followers of Ifá in the world who practice the traditional religion must perform the ebo and ceremonies that the sign marks, as well as take into account the warnings of the Odù throughout the year. If you want more detailed information about the recommended ceremonies to be performed at Oke Itase 2023. Do not hesitate to contact us