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The Iwe Asotele mobile and tablet app is a world-first, completely digital and free Ifá or Éèríndílógún divination register. Unlike the other Ifá applications developed so far by Ifábíyìí Akódà that focused on helping to improve the study of Traditional lfá, Iwe Asotele is a tool designed to help facilitate the work of the babalawo, iyanifa and olorisas of traditional practice.

In Iwe Asotele you will be able to add, in a completely private account, all the people to whom a divination was made, with specific data of each divination: Odù revealed, the type of Ire or Ayewo, the type of Ebo, -indicating if was completed or is pending–, and the possibility of adding your own annotations in each case. Each guess is recorded by date and all information can be edited or deleted.

Thus, the babalawo, iyanifa and olorisa will be able to have at hand at all times, on their own mobile phone, all the queries they have made.

We have created a modern, practical, intuitive and easy-to-use application, adapted to the latest iOS devices to help in the daily work of all the people who practice Ifá or worship the Òrìṣà. We appreciate all the reviews that you send us through the application, as they allow us to make improvements to give you the best Ifá app.

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Iwe Asotele content

  • Completely free
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Totally private account to add all the information about the divination made
  • Registration for Idafa and Idasa, with the details of the consultation
  • Quick access features to edit, delete or indicate if the ebo was completed by simply swiping the row
  • Customizable profile
  • Quick search bar
  • Login with FaceID
  • Much more…

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