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In the traditional practice of the Yoruba religion, an awo must know at least five verses of each Ifá sign. Ifá initiates and followers can acquire this level of knowledge with Ojú Odù, the first application that offers verses of the 16 main Ifá signs, with their correct writing in Yoruba, the Spanish translation and the audios recited by an authentic Babalawo Yoruba .

The information that you will find in Ojú Odù is the result of years of learning with recognized traditional awo, and the veracity of each one of the verses has been completely verified. In addition, exclusive audios will help correct the correct pronunciation of Yoruba and reduce the time necessary to memorize all this Ifá information available in the application.

With Ojú Odù, for the first time, you can also assess your Ifá knowledge thanks to our tests on traditional practice.

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Contents of Ojú Odù

  • Five Ifa verses of each of the 16 main signs
  • Yoruba audios of all verses
  • Verses in Yoruba
  • Available in iOS: Spanish
  • Available in Android: Spanish
  • Test to verify Ifá learning for different levels of knowledge
  • Updated information on the Oke Itase
  • The latest news from traditional practice
  • Yoruba Calendar
  • Exclusive Private Zone now “VIP Zone” where they can receive the information previously requested from Ifábíyìí Akódà, with the possibility of personalizing the profile and asking questions or comments.
  • The VIP Zone now has the possibility of having the audio with the pronunciation in Yorùbá of the information acquired with Ifábíyìí Akódà.
  • All content without advertising
  • And much more…

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