Ifá Applications

New technologies are an essential tool to expand the knowledge of traditional Ifá practice in the world. At Ilé Awo we are committed to using new technologies and applications to facilitate the study of all followers of the Yoruba religion by disseminating valuable and proven information through our mobile applications. 


Traditional Ifá is a practical manual for followers of traditional Ifá, babalawo and the uninitiated. The first free application in Spanish about traditional culture, and now in English.

With Ifá Tradicional Pro you will learn the fundamentals of traditional practice with verses in Yoruba and audios recited by authentic Babalawo Yoruba speakers.

Ojú Odù is the first traditional Ifá application that offers verses of the 16 main Ifá signs, with audios recited by an authentic Yoruba babalawo.

App Apola Ogbè

Apola Ogbè is the first application in the Apola series, with 75 Ifá verses of the Ogbè signs, from Ogbe Oyeku to Ogbe Ofun with audios recited by authentic Yoruba.

Aplicación de ifá Apola Oyeku

Apola Oyeku is a new app from the Apola series, with 75 Ifá verses of Oyeku’s signs, from Oyeku Ogbe to Oyeku Ofun with audios recited by authentic Yoruba.

At Ilé Awo we continue to work on expanding the traditional Ifá practice with new mobile applications. Stay connected to know the new Ifá app.

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