Aplicación de ifá Idafa con 256 odu de Ifá

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We are pleased to present you Idàfá, the Ifá application dreamed of by Ifábíyìí Akódà. Listening to our followers, this new app was born with the aim of facilitating the learning of the signs of Ifá, especially for people who still do not know how to interpret the verses of Ifá, so that the message of Eledumare reaches all possible people, without They need to be initiated or have already begun their process of learning the traditional practice.

Idàfá contains a summary and interpretation made by Ifábíyìí Akódà of unpublished traditional verses of the 256 signs of Ifá, which in the West is known as “Dice Ifá”. It is designed for the uninitiated, those who are beginning their learning or people who want to know in a quick and brief way what the Odù Ifá says, thus complementing the Ojú Odù applications and the Apola series. Idàfá is the first app of its kind in traditional practice, with information provided by authentic Yoruba babalawo.

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Among the information highlights:

  • Totally free content.
  • Shake the phone or touch the screen and take out one of the signs, in just a few seconds you will access the information.
  • Access the library with the 256 signs of Ifá.
  • Version in English and Spanish
  • Vip area.
  • Get to know other Ifá apps.

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