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We are pleased to present the new Ifá application, Apola Oyeku with which you will continue to increase and perfect your knowledge of traditional practice. With Apola Oyeku you will have access to new unpublished Ifá verses of the 15 signs of Oyeku accompanied by their audios in Yorùbá.

Apola Oyeku is the second application in the Apola series, developed by Ifábíyìí Akódà, with 75 unpublished Ifá verses collected after years of learning with renowned traditional awo. From Oyeku Ogbe to Oyeku Ofun, the veracity of all this exclusive information has been verified. In Apola Ogbé you will find verses about Orunmila, Ogun, Obatala, Ori, Esu, Aje or Sango for both expiration and wealth, prosperity, couples, children or long life.

Each of the verses are accompanied by audios recited by authentic Yorùbá-speaking Babalawo, to correct the perfect pronunciation of Yorùbá and, in turn, reduce the time necessary to memorize all this Ifá information available in the application.

In addition, you can check the progress of your Ifá studies thanks to our tests on traditional practice, with questions related to the verses of the Apola Oyeku.

Imágenes de la app

Contents of Apola Oyeku

Among the information highlights:

  • Five Ifá verses from each of the 15 signs of the Apola Oyeku, from Oyeku Ogbe to Oyeku Ofun
  • Yorùbá audios of all the verses
  • Verses in Yorùbá and their translation
  • Available on iOS: English and Spanish
  • Verses about Orunmila, Ogun, Aje, Ori, Sango…
  • Test to verify learning for different levels of knowledge
  • Exclusive “Vip Zone” where you can receive information previously requested from Ifábíyìí Akódà with the possibility of personalizing the profile and asking questions and comments
  • Updated information on the Oke Itase
  • More exclusive information
  • The latest news from traditional practice
  • Yorùbá Calendar
  • And much more…

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