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Traditional Ifa Pro is the first Yoruba practice app with Yoruba audios of Ifa verses, made by authentic Babalawo Yoruba.

Ifá Tradicional Pro will not only help you correct Yoruba pronunciation, but it will also help you reduce the time needed to memorize Ifá information, turning them into authentic traditional Babalawo.

In the application you can find all the free information that is in the Traditional Ifá App, with the addition of the audios in Yoruba and much more information.

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Contents of Ifá Tradicional Pro

Among the information of Ifá Tradicional Pro highlights:

  • Ifá verses with yoruba audio exclusive to Ifá Tradicional Pro
  • Available in iOS: Spanish and English
  • Available in Android: Spanish
  • Adabo de Ifá
  • Information on how to perform divination with Ikin
  • The propitiation to Iyami Osooronga
  • How to make an Ibori or Orí Bibo
  • More Ifa names
  • More traditional foods
  • More Ifá medicines
  • Exclusive Private Zone, now “Vip Zone” where they can receive the information previously requested from Ifabiyii Akoda, with the possibility of personalizing the profile and asking questions or comments
  • The Vip Zone now has the possibility to have the audios with the pronunciation in Yoruba of the information acquired with Ifabiyii Akoda
  • All content without advertising
  • And much more…

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