Osanyin lo mo Ewe, reconocimiento de plantas con su nombre en Yorùbá

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We are pleased to present Osanyin lo mo Ewe, the best Ifá application created to date dedicated to identifying plants with their Yoruba name, using the best technology ever used within Traditional Ifá practice: identification machine learning model. It is artificial intelligence that allows the application to increase the available information automatically, so that the app will grow with its use, recognizing more species than those available and assigning more Yoruba names to the herbs.

The recognition of herbs is very simple and automatic with Osanyin lo mo Ewe. You just have to take a photo or add an image from the gallery of the plant you want to identify and the app will start the recognition automatically and in seconds. We have more than 35,000 plants to recognize and more than 5,000 herbs with the Yoruba name.

Some plants recognized with Yoruba names may have plant variants or alternative names depending on the area of Nigeria, which you can also find in this application.

This new Ifá app is unique in its style and maintains our commitment to help the correct practice of Traditional Ifá, in this case helping to know exactly which are the correct herbs that should be used to make an akose or a propitiation and thus achieve accurate results. In addition to the identification, when the photo or image of the silver has geolocation, it will appear on the map that will guide you to its exact location when you need it.

We’ve also made navigation easier, making it more intuitive than ever. You will only have to slide the screen to the sides to access all the sections of the app.

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Highlights of Osanyin lo mo Ewe:

  • Automatic recognition of plants by photo or image
  • More than five thousand herbs recognized with Yorùbá names.
  • Plant recognition score to determine the exact match of the uploaded image with the identified plant.
  • Personal Herb List
  • Map with geolocation of herbs
  • Identification machine-learning model
  • Available in English and Spanish

We are an important community and we are always listening to suggestions. We appreciate all the reviews that you send us through the application, because it allows us to make improvements to give you the best traditional Ifá applications.

Àború àboyè àbosíse o!

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