Ogun is one of the most important Irunmole in Yoruba culture. It represents everything related to war, iron, artists or designers, drivers or carriers.

Who is Ogun?

He was the Orisha in charge of the design of the skeleton of the man and the woman. For the man I use nine rods of rustless iron (ako irin) and for the woman I use seven rods of rustless iron (abo irin) for the molding. Hence the name of him Okùnrin and Obìnrin, respectively.

He is represented with different iron ornaments and his clothing is the Mariwo. He is the Orisha who was always victorious in a war and therefore he is essential for defeating enemies and helping us overcome any obstacle. In the applications Oju Odù, Apola Ogbe, Apola Oyeku, Apola Iwori, among others, you can find numerous verses about this Orisha.

Propiciación Ogun en Nigeria

How to get initiated in Ogun

For this Orisha there is the initiation of the icon called Ogun gbigba and, later, you can continue with the complete initiation called Idosu Ogun.

How to feed Ogun

The important thing in the propitiation of this Orisha is never to seek to anger him because, otherwise, we will regret it.


It can be propitiated with various types of materials widely used in traditional practice such as obi, orogbo, yams. His favorite drink is palm wine.

Some taboo

It is important that in the sacrifice made to this Orisha there is no suffering. Also, Adin (corn oil) cannot be used for propitiation.

Orisha Ogun

Types of Ogun in traditional practice

This Orisha is unique, there is no other type of representation of it in traditional practice. However, as in many cases, Ògún has different nicknames, such as Ògún Lakaje, Ògún Alara, Ògún Gbenagbena, Ògún Wadowado, among others.