Aplicación de ifá Idafa con 256 odu de Ifá

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Idàsá is the first dynamic app about the traditional Erindilogun signs (divination with a snail), with a version in English and Spanish.

We are pleased to present you the new free Idàsá application, developed by Ifábíyìí Akódà, an exclusive application with information on each of the Traditional Eerindilogun signs, known in the West as divination with snails (cowries), as performed by the Olòrìsà Yorubas traditional. With this new app we continue to meet our goal of continuing to offer you the best Ifa applications.

Our intention is that you focus more on learning the keys of traditional practice and that you do it in the most dynamic and intuitive way possible. That is why we have created this unique application in its style, very functional and lighter so that all your available time can be dedicated to the study of Eerindilugun. Just by shaking the phone you can get a sign and, in a few seconds, access its information.

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Among the information stands out:

  • Totally free content.
  • Shake the phone and take out one of the signs, in just a few seconds you will access the information.
  • Access the library with all the signs of Eerindilogun.
  • Version in English and Spanish
  • Vip area.
  • Get to know other Ifá apps.

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