Ifá and the Orisa of the Yoruba religion in Ilé Awo

Welcome to Ilé Awo, the first Spanish-speaking, Ifá Traditional Yoruba website. Created by Ifábiyìí Akódà, Ilé Awo is a tool to spread traditional Yoruba culture throughout the world. Here, the initiated and the uninitiated can find important information about who Orunmila is, the Ifá ceremonies, the offerings to the Orisa, ​​the Oke Itase, the Ifá initiations, the Ifá divination and much more.

¡Àború àboyè àbosíse!

Ifá divination

Ifá divination is the way you can know your destiny, through the message of Orunmila (Òrúnmìlà) made known through the Babalawo. Knowledge of Ifá and its messages is essential to make a good fortune telling, that’s why we encourage you to learn how to make fortune telling with Ikin with Ifá Traditional Pro.

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adivinación de ifá

Ifá initiation

Ifa initiation is the final step to become Babalawo or Iyanifa. Getting started on the roads of Orunmila previously requires the search for knowledge and wisdom that will allow us to interpret Olodumare’s message and understand his recommendations. If you want to start on the roads of Ifá, please contact us.

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Iniciación de Ifá Tradicional

Offerings of Ifá

Offerings are one of the keys to Traditional Ifá practice, in addition to Ifá divination or initiation. With the propitiation to the Orisas and to our ancestors (Egungun) we can improve our destiny and obtain the luck of health, prosperity, love and overcome all obstacles. In our App we explain how to make offerings.

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Orisa of the Yoruba religion

The propitiation to the Orisa is one of the foundations of traditional Yoruba culture. Each of these deities of the Yoruba religion will allow us to find all the luck and overcome all obstacles.

Applications of Ifá Traditional

To further spread the knowledge and traditional practice of the Yoruba religion, at Ilé Awo we have developed mobile applications with exclusive Ifá information. In the Ifá app you will have access to information about divination, the propitiation to Iyami Osooronga, the Ori Bigbo, Ifá medicines, verses of the 16 main signs of Ifá. In addition, for the first time you will have access to audio in Yoruba of the Ifá verses prayed by true traditional Nigerian babalawo that will allow you to improve the pronunciation in Yoruba and facilitate the learning of Ifá information. The applications are available for IOS, Android, Blackberry devices and can also be downloaded from Amazon. Do not miss this unique opportunity.


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Oke Itase – world Ifá divination of the year

In Ilé Awo we inform you in scoop what the letter of the year of Ifá holds that is carried out every year in Ile Ife