Otura Meji, World divination Oke Itase 2019

Odù Otura Meji


Ajosiki Awo Imonran
A difa fun Òrúnmìlà
Ifá o jolori abomole nife
Won ni o sa kaale o jare
Ebo ni o se
Òrúnmìlà gbebo nbe o rubo
Ajosiki momo de o
Awo Imonran
Òrúnmìlà lo je Olori abomole nife


Ajosiki Awo Imonran
He made Ifá divination for Òrúnmìlà
Ifá will be the leader of the group of observers of the ritual in Ife
He was warned to take care of the earth
And to offer sacrifice
Orunmila heard the sacrifice and made it
Ajosiki is here
The priest of knowledge
Orunmila has become the leader of the group of ritual observers in Ife

Ifá says at the Oke Itase 2019 or World divination 2019

In the Oke Itase 2019 the sign revealed is Otura Meji, in which Ifá warns of Ayewo Iku. The sign speaks of evil or tragedy due to death. Ifá says that sacrifice must be made to avoid death and tragedy.In this sign of the Letter of the Year 2019 Ifá warns people that they should not show their character to avoid losing luck.

Ifá in Otura Meji says that the person who cries because he has no luck must offer sacrifice so that all luck begins to come. By making a sacrifice you will get spouses, children, wealth, health, long life, all luck.

In this sign, Ifá says that the person is surrounded by enemies who are conspiring against him so that he does not have any kind of luck and that he does not have a home, spouse, children, wealth, business. However, Ifa assures in the Oke Itase that now is the right time to make the right sacrifice so that all luck begins to come.

Ifá says that Otura Meji became the custodian of well-being and long life. For that sacrifice must be made.

In the Letter of the year Ifá ensures that people who are looking for a partner, if they make a sacrifice, will be able to find their desired partner and will have a family blessed by the Orisha. The proper sacrifice must be made so that the family is always united.

In the revealed Odù Ifá also warns that we must sacrifice Orunmila because there are many people conspiring to harm us. Making sacrifice Ifá will be our protector and our enemies will not be successful. Ifá guarantees that we will overcome our enemies and we will have their protection whenever we make sacrifice.

In the sign of world divination, Ifá also indicates that we must respect the taboos because, otherwise, they will destroy our character.

Ifá says that we should make a sacrifice with Ogbi Cola and Orogbo.

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Akose of the Ifá sign Otura Meji

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