Odù Irete Ika


Teka-teka laa kala
Teka-teka laa ka’kan
Ileke ponpon lorun aboosa
Dia fun Yemoo
Tii s’obinrin Orisa
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gbebo, o rubo
Ko pe, ko jinna
E waa ba’ni bayo
E waa wo’re o


Okra tree bends when harvested
The garden orchard tree bends when harvested
The neck of an Orisa devotee is adorned with colored beads
These were Ifá’s messages to Yemoo
Obatala’s wife
He was advised to offer sacrifice
She heard and fulfilled
In no time, not far
Join us in the midst of all the good things in life

Ifá says at the Oke Itase 2018 or World divination 2018

In the Odù Irete Ika revealed in the Letter of the Year 2018 Ifá ensures the luck of wife / husband for this year and recommends that sacrifice should be made to get the partner you are looking for and, if you have a partner, so that the relationship is prosperous.
Ifá foresees the luck of long life. In this sign of the Oke Itase 2018 Ifá recommends that you continue making the appropriate sacrifices to get everything you are looking for. If you have problems, just keep calling ‘Ateka’ and your problems will be solved.

In this Ifa sign he says that his sacrifices will be manifested, and he will get everything he is looking for. He must sacrifice with his family so that everyone can get lucky.

Ifá says that he will raise or raise him, and that he will achieve everything he seeks thanks to Ifá. You must make the proper sacrifices for your wishes to be granted.

At Oke Itase 2018 it is ensured that you will defeat your enemies, no matter how many or how powerful they are. Ifá warns him that he must make the right sacrifice and will overcome them all. He will become more powerful than they and will be more prosperous than their enemies. They will seek you and beg your forgiveness.

Ifá says that no matter how much your enemies talk about you, they will end up being embarrassed by your behavior. This 2018 Letter of the Year Odù also warns you to make sacrifice so that they get the punishment of Obatala.

Another warning from Ifá in Irete Ika is to use the Ide and Ileke de Ifá as well as Obatala’s to get lucky.

Ifá advises you to be clean at all times because your destiny hates being dirty. Likewise, he must make the sacrifice so that his destiny favors him and he gets all the luck.

In Ateka, Ifá says that she plans to make a trip this year and must make a sacrifice before doing so to get all the luck and be able to return with the luck she has achieved. Make the appropriate sacrifice before setting out on the journey.

Ifá says that if he is looking for children, he must sacrifice to get them. Your children will make you proud and will be highly recognized. Make the right sacrifice with your partner.

Ifá says that it will be given space and respect. You will be given authority over all your subordinates and over anything in their hands. You will not experience failure. You will gain authority in your work. For all this, you must make the appropriate sacrifice.

In the Letter of the year 2018 Ifá also warns that he must never swear in the name of Ogun, especially if it is a false oath. Ogun must be propitiated with the proper sacrifices to avoid the Orisha’s rage. Ifá augurs an imminent war and it is necessary to make the adequate sacrifice not to be harmed by Ogun’s wrath. He must be propitiating Ogun with yam constantly.

Finally, in the Oke Itase 2018 Ifá warns that the elderly of the night (Iyami) must be constantly encouraged, especially people who are expecting a child.

Finally, in the Oke Itase 2018 Ifá warns that the elderly of the night (Iyami) must be constantly encouraged, especially people who are expecting a child. Also so that Iyami does not destroy our luck and the good things that we have achieved.

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Akose of the Oke Itase 2018 of the Ifá sign Irete Ika (Ateka)

Ogede omini
In the Ifa opon the Odù Irete Ika is marked in the iyerosun and the verse is recited. Later a banana is opened, the iyerosun is placed inside and eaten.